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Marine Serre's eco-warriors

The s / s 2020 is in the name of futurewear in an environmentalist key
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Already from the location of the show, within a lake landscape, Marine Serre 's desire to bring attention to the climate crisis in which we find ourselves is intuited. In a post-apocalyptic scenario, survivors of global warming come out into the open and their style mixes the shamans of antiquity with futuristic details, which have always been Serre's trademark. For the first time the main color is black: black for satin dress with irregular cuts and sculptural construction, black paint for recycled waterproof fabrics, crop top and leather pants in pure Matrix style and in pure rebellion style. The classic scuba dress- djellaba is tinged with red, in an ensemble of scarves and technical lycra, sea shells, wood and metal reused for the maxi pendant earrings, the most significant accessory of the entire collection, together with mini-backpacks from shoulder, always with hanging chains and pearls. has something spiritual about it. The tribe comes out of the closet after being locked up in caves, with a wardrobe made of recycled materials, towels for formal suits (both for him and for her), bed sheets, tablecloth lace that become clothes for her and top for him. And again the old shawls, the curtains, the nightgowns are transfigured into long white multi-layer and see-through dresses. From the dark we pass to white for a message of hope, kings and queens of this underground world show off the typical half-moon print here. Nature and water are the most precious assets to be protected, in order not to find oneself in a bio-hazard and dangerous scenario to which Marine puts us in front. A socio-cultural reflection that represents the conscientious style of the future, where upcycling and sustainability are an increasingly strong necessity for the future of fashion, but above all for the future of the planet.

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