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Jun Takahashi, the Gothic soul of a Japanese Macbeth

The Undercover Fall Winter 2020 collection is a Japanese version of the Shakespearean tragedy

Dreamlike and spooky, Undercover's Fall / Winter 2020 collection stages, with erudite lightness, the adaptation of Macbeth , revisited in 1957 by the Japanese director Akira Kurosawa in the feature film "The throne of blood." The protagonists of the tragedy appear on the scene intertwining sportsware and tradition, ironically combining the English Gothic soul and the Japanese Middle Ages: overlayer padded vests, geta, boots, uniforms, yukata, indigo and sepia trench coat on which the actor's prints appear Kurosawa fetish , Toshiro Mifune . Mystical, mysterious and pressing, the rhythm of the parade is cadenced by the main acts of the Shakespearean tragedy told by four dancers: the prophecy, the rise to power and the death of Macbeth.


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