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L'AMOUR lives: the Jacquemus co-ed collection

After the show in Provence immersed in the lavender fields of last year, Jacquemus takes us to a bucolic wheat field
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Last summer, Simon Porte Jacquemus presented his Spring / Summer 2020 collection in the middle of a beautiful lavender field in Provence, France. Known for his talent in storytelling and artistic graphics, the French designer has decided to organize his spring / summer 2021 fashion show in a giant wheat field near the Vexin Regional National Park, an hour away from Paris . Only 100 guests were allowed to participate in the show due to France's strict social exclusion rules. Those invited were seated next to the 600-meter-long wooden walkway, a setting that Porte Jacquemus said it "intended to evoke the authenticity and the most romantic side of the brand". Nicknamed the "L'Amour" collection, the designer wanted to dedicate this collection to his team. "The great thing about L'Amour is how it can hold out - sometimes even get stronger - in the absence of people being together," he said in an Instagram post. Characterized by soft shades of beige, ivory, white, mint green, gray and pink, the women's offers include maxi summer dresses, loose and fluid pants and trendy tops. As for men's suits, Picasso's motifs and cut-out hearts are found on blazers and shirts. Accessory elements include the Chiquito bag and the new Chiquito Noeud, a variation of Jacquemus' bestseller. Jacquemus' SS21 collection will be available for pre-order starting July 18 via the label's website.



"At the beginning of this collection, I imagined a ceremony, a group of people gathered to celebrate love. The choreography by Alexander Ekman where wheat is thrown into the air with passion. Emir Kursturica's film, Time of the Gypsies , and its dreamlike realism. Scenes of small and large ceremonies. But above all, what makes love beautiful is the way it bears, sometimes becoming even stronger, in the absence of our loved ones. Shortly after my team members was separated from each other, each at home, with the desire to continue working, a new vision of the collection was born. We became a human chain, every step of the creative process carried out with love. In fact, every decision that I take on JACQUEMUS is motivated primarily by love and common sense. This is because we adopted, last year, a rhythm of collections that respect the environment and the human, with two co-ed fashion shows for men and women. , in January and June. This decision was t anto most advantageous season, since we received all our fabrics before the confinement period. You decide to keep our collection rhythm and the catwalk is at the center of our visual identity, of our commercial strategy. With this smaller collection, mainly presented to our relatives and friends, we reveal our inner universes, reinterpreting unpretentious fabrics and objects that are part of our daily life and have their own poetry to tell. Inside the house, love is revealed in small wonderful things. Everyone on our side but also collectively, we realized that the house is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. These are the impressions that I wanted to transcribe in the current context in which we had to test adaptability. My team has worked very hard over the past few months and I owe them a lot, recognizing that we have come to this and that we are together today. It is important to me that people understand that the true celebration of love is universal. "

L'AMOUR Co-ed Show by Jacquemus

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