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Giorgio Armani's natural women

Delicate references to nature open up in vaporous forms, constructed with sophisticated and evanescent fabrics
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Giorgio Armani smiles a lot at the end of the show while holding one of the models by the hand. It will be that the novelty of a parade in the open air on a sunny day puts everyone in a good mood. Or maybe it's the clothes he just sent on the catwalk to give him an extra dose of joie de vivre. For the Spring-Summer 2020 , the designer worked on the concept of lightness, starting with the materials, which chose delicate fabrics like tulle, organza and georgette. He has cloaked them in soft colors, for example blue, pearl gray and very pale pink. And he made them cut, fold, curl into vaporous, evanescent forms, a reference to the voice of the nymph Eco, whose transformation into immaterial sound is told in Greek mythology following many vicissitudes among gossip, resentment and unrequited love. As the exits follow one another, a tale of continuous references to nature unravels, whether it is the foliage of the prints, or the sparkling luminescences of the evening dresses that resemble a sheet of water. Everything is light and harmonious, conveys a sense of peace that goes down to the heart.


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