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Fashion Show Roberto Cavalli Fall and Winter 2019

See photos of the show, full of vibrant colors and artistic touches
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The Roberto Cavalli is a full-bodied display of elegant colors and color gradations accompanied by glittering jewels, notably: blue, black, pastel, yellow, blue, and pink.


We saw the clothes swaying over the objects in full flow, freedom and self-confidence are two sides of a single coin. The pieces carry a vibrant and vibrant touch, either with their narrow cut or drop down on the body. The silky silk fabric is hugging the body and it is relaxed, while the knitted fabrics embrace and flex.


Classic accessories come back to the fashion square with a touch of elegance and attractiveness. The bags and shoes are accompanied by a beautiful C-shaped cuticle, and the jewelry is decorated with crocodile leather for a luxurious touch. All the pieces reflect, without exception, the artistic craftsmanship of which the mark has always been known. And celebrates soft furnishings and luxurious fabrics with a touch of a high sense of creativity. In short, Roberto Cavalli is impossible to imitate.


See fashion show images as follows:

Source: Roberto Cavalli


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