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Dark Alexander McQueen Autumn Romance

The new Alexander McQueen in 2019 The autumn collection is permeated by darkness and dramatic romanticism, presented in sweet colors, roses and cascades.
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Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen's creative director, took over as headmaster as soon as the legendary Alexander McQueen died, and continues the dramatic trend of these fashion houses. Fatal image, black and red combinations, leather raincoats, costumes and dresses, pompous style items, from armored slings, collars, massive chains to riveted rocker jackets - all in Burton's collections. However, in creating 2019-2020 she also turned a new way in the autumn-winter collection - a dark, fearless woman's image was interwoven with romance.

Romance in this collection is theatrical and highlighted in contrasts. Looks like glamorous dresses with volumetric ruffles, fabrics are printed in abstracts of roses, as if roses are decorated with spokes and evening lines.


The ensembles that emphasize femininity are combined with rough army boots, and the dark color palette is complemented by rich pink, red, ultramarine blue and blue.

The Alexander McQueen fashion house is famous for its impeccable modern costumes, of course, in the new collection. This time, designer Burton presented trouser suits with extended asymmetric haircuts, dressed in jackets from different fabrics and colors, richly decorated with metal details, wrinkles, and decorated with dramatic rose spins.

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