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Comme des Garçons at the court of Elizabeth I

Rei Kawakubo describes for Comme des Garçons a story that takes its cue from the book by Virginia Wolf, Orlando, set in the Elizabethan period
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You are right even when you are wrong. This is what the followers of Comme des Garçons claim, when Rei Kawakubo, founder and creative soul of the Japanese brand, pushes a little too much on the acceleration of experimentation. Often it happens that the desire to go beyond the standard vision of a wardrobe takes the hand, giving life to sculptures that walk, enigmas of style not at all easy to decode. However, for Spring-Summer 2020, the problem does not exist, since the show is a crescendo of 100% Comme des Garçons, but with a touch of lightness. Which always means important volumes, overlaps, egg-shapes designed to embrace the body, which remains somewhat legible. And opulent fabrics, including flowered brocades, lace, feathers and embroidery, a tribute to the court of Elizabeth I, as Virginia Wolf imagined in Orlando. They will always be in very few to wear one of those pieces, designed more to convey a statement than a product to sell. And the message, this round, puts you in a good mood.


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