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Chalayan SS20: an anthropological exercise

The postcolonial body is a political song of joy and protest that reworks the effects of colonialism on the clothing habits of invaded peoples.
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The new Chalayan collection, staged under a warm sun a stone's throw from the brand's English boutique, is a highly refined anthropological exercise that explores the inevitable social and cultural changes that come to be created whenever a people suffers the tragedy of invasion.

The structure of the clothes is soft and graceful, ranging from silk to crisp linen up to a very light cotton, with suggested volumes of draping designed for moving bodies. Attention is thus shifted to the world of dance , a real study area of that cultural syncretism that accompanies a collection where the same models set the pace with their radios. Also the prints are loaded with semiotic intents : the story of ancient and unchanged Japanese rituals are mixed with the instructions of the tango steps, transporting us at the same time in Japan and South America in a journey that makes fashion the key to reading the dramas of history .


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