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Catharsis according to Burberry and Anne Imhof

Riccardo Tisci's Spring Summer 2021 "In Bloom" collection and Anne Imhof's performative action. Pre-Show Presenters on Twitch: Erykah Badu, Rosalía, Steve Lacy and Bella Hadid
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On the one hand there is him, a visionary capable of respecting British traditions without forgetting the present, on the other hand, she, an internationally renowned artist and teacher of contemporary performance. Riccardo Tisci and Anne Imhof elaborated their performance-show for the presentation of Burberry's Spring Summer 2021 collection .
"It all started thinking about the English summer" Riccardo Tisci confesses, "embracing the elements with a trench coat on the beach, mixing sand and water. I imagined people in this context, as if I were the lighthouse keeper, and a story of love between a mermaid and a shark, with the ocean in the background, then lived on land. The circle is extremely symbolic: growth, renewal, the circle of life ".
A unique experience with strong semiological connotations between natural instincts, rules and youthful rebellions. "The collection is called In Bloom because I was thinking of regeneration, dynamic youth, nature that constantly recreates itself, always grows and evolves, constantly alive. Water is also a symbol of all this: novelty, freshness and purification. And through water, life grows - water is what allows nature to flourish. Everything is circular. The collection is focused and refined: a vision, a story. "

The garments of the In Bloom collection perfectly reflect the ideologies of the brand and the concept drawn up by the creative duo. Juxtapositions of meanings between the mystical and the natural. Sophisticated and at the same time edgy, the new proposal includes dresses in tulle and chiffon, fishnet stockings finished with crystals and the trench coats of the founder Thomas Burberry deconstructed with new interpretations. The male wardrobe turns out to be more utility and practical but still elegant with contemporary accents of rubberized finishes, denim and gabardine. Tisci also reinterprets the codes of the British Maison with loop-back and cut-out sculptural looks, while some garments and accessories take up the handles of the brand new Pocket Bag.

After the victory with the performance "Faust" at the Venice Biennale in 2017 and "Sex" in collaboration with Riccardo Tisci at the Tate Modern in London in 2019, this time the German contemporary artist proposes a strong and cathartic action. Physical encounters and clashes, submission moves, smoke bombs, violent sounds and repetitive movements are just some of the performative elements included in his latest work. The location this time is a perfect clash between nature and human structure. In a luxuriant English forest, Anne also brings her aesthetic imprint to the installation of the setting, using a stage and its unmistakable raised platforms. A game of aesthetics, tensions and ideologies. In the cast, the models mix with the young performers of Imhof, while the voice of the performance is that of Eliza Douglas, her longtime collaborator who sings a live soundtrack crossing the boundaries between art, fashion and live concert.

The brand is reconfirmed in step with the time, for the Spring Summer 2021 fashion show it collaborated with the Twitch portal, a platform dedicated to live entertainment that offers experiences and exclusive content through chat rooms that give the possibility to communicate while streaming. Erykah Badu, Rosalía, Steve Lacy and Bella Hadid presented the pre-show with a series of conversations. A new mythological chapter that speaks contemporary language.

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