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Bottega Veneta, when the allure is experimental

Daniel Lee continues to redefine the aesthetics of the brand, where the clean lines lines up with an intensely contemporary charm
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From Bottega Veneta certain things are still done as they once were. There was a time when a stylist who took over the creative reins of a fashion house could experiment and build his vision step by step, while the public reacted accordingly. Daniel Lee has the task of bringing the brand into a post universe Tomas Maier, the creative director who for 17 years had defined his style. But it also has the great privilege of being able to express itself through clothes and accessories, without having to necessarily please the current dynamics of frenzy. With the result that everyone's eyes are on him. His vision is clear and coherent, made up of simple lines, almost always approachable proportions, classic tones such as black and beige, which are contrasted by strokes of blue, orange and green. Put like this, it would seem almost a basic collection, but no, because Lee succeeds in infusing each piece with abundant doses of allure, a very rare ingredient to find and essential in the construction of a must-have. The accessories, which have always been the workhorse of the brand, draw a whispered grit, as they know how to reinterpret the iconic intertwined, with the right balance between challenge and tradition. And the fashion people, at the end of the show, applauds with conviction.


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