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5 things you need to know about Bottega Veneta's Fall 2019

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Daniel Lee is giving what to speak as the new creative director of Bottega Veneta. His first campaign was sensitive and innovative and now, in his debut for the fashion week of Milan, which happened last Friday, 22, it is possible to see clearly the new persona of the brand and its new style.


Check out the 5 things you need to know about the Bottega Fall 2019 collection:

Bottega's wife is now definitely a "girl of the day"

The parade guests sat on wooden benches covered with leather cushions as the sun shone inside the conservatory that was erected in Piazza Sempione. The models walked with their light makeup, hair back and practical shoes on the tiled floor, which was one of the novelties of Daniel Lee for the brand. What did that mean? That's right, the new woman from Bottega Veneta works by day, needs practicality and of course, a touch of glamor, that came in the details of the collection.

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The catwalk was like a tale of two shoes

The parade had two types of shoes that created a great contrast: The leather boots, with thick and heavy soles that even seemed larger than the sizes of models and practical day to day shoes, with a kitten heel and buckles of gold.


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Matelassê is the new shearling

Daniel Lee bet on the matte in his collection, using the leather trim, creating coats and skirts that seemed to be made from highly glamorous packaging. Using gold chains to finish the productions and give an elegant touch.

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Snacks and tailoring are the modern view of executive reality

The large, "fit all" bags have joined the small, box-shaped, angular-shaped handbags that, along with perfectly cut blazers and pencil skirts, add a touch of humor to the executive look - mainly because they're so small they would hardly fit a cell phone.

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The new day-to-night dress has two shades, and ideally with a bluish touch

Two-tone dresses and coats became big trends for fall, and Bottega bet on that look. In addition, the collection bet on the sky blue as a soft contrast for the darling black.

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