Film Producer Valentina Castellani Quinn new muse of NEREIDES Diamond Elixir skincare

After a few weeks from the launch of NEREIDES Diamond Elixir skincare collection, Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon disclosed the official second muse of his Parisian Haute Couture and Beauty House NEREIDES: Hollywood celebrity and film producer Valentina Castellani Quinn.
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NEREIDES, a division of NEREIDES Group located in the glitzy Place Vendôme in Paris since 2007, amazed the Haute Couture Fashion Week in January 2021 launching an ultra-luxury anti-aging skincare collection made by real diamonds and premium Swiss advanced technology. 

NEREIDES Diamond Elixir first campaigns on L’Officiel Paris, UK and USA in the beginning of 2021 featured the Italian model and actress Lilly Mandel, a beloved muse of NEREIDES Haute Couture since past few years. Following last year collaboration with Valentina Castellani Quinn, Prince Nereides just announced Valentina Castellani Quinn as another official muse of NEREIDES Diamond Elixir.


I am a friend of Valentina since years, and my family also. In the past, we already collaborated a few times for some entertainment projects such films presentations and not only. Last year, I partnered with Valentina to organize a memorable event we produced at the 77 Venice Film Festival as a special tribute to our beloved friend Lorenzo Soria, former President of HFPA/Golden Globes who passed away one month before and with whom I started my collaboration with Golden Globes whose members supported and attended our event in Venice in September 2020. During the event, I disclosed some of new projects I am developing with my Group such as biotechnology research, skincare, entertainment production and a few charity projects through NEREIDES Foundation. Cate Blanchett and Diego Boneta were special guests of the event together with selected international actors and film producers from Hollywood. Both Cate Blanchett and Diego Boneta were awarded with the exclusive Seguso Award for their commitment in the entertainment business and as an example for new generations. I personally awarded Cate Blanchett for her brilliant carrier and as a tangible example of women empowerment, one of main missions promoted by NEREIDES Group and Foundation. Cate Blanchett beauty and life inspired NEREIDES Diamond Elixir creation and concept which links luxury to philanthropy. A percentage of sales of skincare products is devolved to several sustainable projects including women empowerment, Lgbt rights and the protection of people living with albinism in Africa. In January 2021, I launched the NEREIDES Diamond Elixir skincare line during the Fashion Week in Paris and featuring my beloved model and muse Lilly Mandel. The quest of beauty has been a core value at NEREIDES since its foundation and in March 2021, after one year investment in biotechnology research, and as a coherent conclusion of my personal commitment to social and environmental sustainability and the event made with Cate Blanchett, I pursued my project on women empowerment disclosing a new spokesperson to interpret the NEREIDES Diamond Elixir values such resilience, women empowerment, and innovation. Valentina Castellani Quinn is a perfect muse for NEREIDES Diamond Elixir: she is not only a celebrity, but also a successful woman, and her lifestyle is an example of resilience, endurance, woman leadership and beauty”, stated Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon.

Valentina Castellani is a Hollywood celebrity and Award Winning Film Producer and President of Quinn Studios Entertainment which continues the Legacy of Academy Award Winning Actor Anthony Quinn, in the fields of art and entertainment. Valentina Castellani was born in Florence, Italy, where her family owned since the 1800’s the most important Opera House Theatre, the “Teatro Verdi”. Her Grandfather Riccardo Castellani was one of the most important producers and distributors of the Golden Era of Italian cinema. Growing up behind the stage, watching operas, plays and ballets, had a strong influence on her. In 2012, Valentina Castellani created QUINNN STUDIOS ENTERTAINMENT, in memory of Francesco Quinn, her husband and son of Oscar winning actor Anthony Quinn, deceased in August 2011.  Quinn Studios continues the Quinn Family Legacy in the fields of entertainment, the arts, and world peace. In 2012, Valentina Castellani Quinn produced the TV documentary series "LIFE ON A BIKE" based on the Italian pro cycling tour Giro d’Italia, filmed across 11 countries. In 2014, Valentin co-produced the movie " THE BUTTERFLY'S DREAM", candidate for Academy Award and Golden Globe 2014, as Best Foreign Movie, also winner of 13 international Awards. Quinn Studios also helped on the post-production of " THE SQUARE", a documentary on the Egyptian conflict, which won all major International Awards, including the Directors Guild Award 2014, Sundance Film Festival 2014, Berlin Film Festival, Dubai Film Festival, and more. 


In 2016/17, Quinn Studios completed an Award Winning Documentary film about Peace in the Middle East: ” ONE ROCK THREE RELIGIONS “ won the HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD, The US CONGRESS AWARD,  for the film efforts to create dialogue among Countries, Religions and Ethnicities, the Jury Grand Prix at the Siena International Film Festival, The People Festival in NY as Best Documentary, The Impact DOCS Award and many others. In 2016, Valentina Castellani Quinn partnered with Prince Nereides de Bourbon who organized a memorable film presentation in the historical ‘Salone dei Cinquecento’ in Palazzo Vecchio and a gala event in the Strozzi Museum in Florence with the special participation of some members of United Nations and the international jetset. 


In 2017, Valentina Castellani produced the Marketing campaign for the film “AUGIE” on the extraordinary life of Augie Nieto, the Steve Jobs of the Fitness Industry, directed by Award Winning Director/Producer James Keach and produced to benefit the Augie Nieto Foundation devoted to find a cure for ALS. In 2018 Valentina Castellani is one of the executive producer of The Award Winning Film Documentary "WONDERFUL  LOSERS”, 2019 Academy Awards Candidate Best Foreign Film and winners of 11 International Awards sold globally. Valentina is also the General Director International relationships of the TERRA DI SIENA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and currently collaborates with a number of Film Festivals around the world.


Because of her personal story, her ethical work as a producer, and her service to global society, Valentina Castellani was invited to speak at many International Organizations, including, The US Congress, United Nations, UNESCO, The YPO/Young President Organization and a number of International Universities.
In 2016, Miss Castellani was Awarded with the US Congress Award, in recognition of her work in promoting the dialogue between Countries, Religions and Ethnicities. In 2017 Valentina was given the City of Los Angeles Award by Mayor Garcetti and Council Member Jose Huizar, for her initiative, efforts and achievements in promoting the restoration of the Iconic Anthony Quinn Mural: “The Pope of Broadway”, down town Los Angeles. An historical mural that symbolically became the Hollywood sign of the Latino Community and serves as an ethical reminder of unity through arts, which is the core value of the Quinn Family Legacy. In 2018 Valentina was the recipient of the Prestigious English WIFTS Award as a “Visionary Producer”. She accepted the Award among a number of women of exceptional achievements, such as Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel and actress Gal Gadot. In 2020 Mrs. Castellani-Quinn co-produced "OLEG" The Oleg Vidov Story presented at Venice International Film Festival 2020.

Continuing her Ethical international work, Valentina with QUINN STUDIOS ENTERTAINMENT is now in production with a film on The Native Americans and Alternative energies to Oil, titled : “THE WHITE SNAKE”, will have the Native American people and their main Chief, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Chief of All Stars Nations, who led the fight at Standing Rock, narrate the Story. What happened at Standing Rock is an important tale to tell. It was humanity against technology. The protests spoke loudly to the world about the importance of respecting the planet and the environment but, more importantly, to remember who we are as human beings, resonating together as one with the planet, with each other, and our soul. New technologies are out there that have proved successful in other countries that will ignite a new ‘system’ which beats in harmony with the heartbeat of the planet. 


In 2020 Valentina Castellani Quinn partnered again with NEREIDES Group and long time friend Prince Nereides De Bourbon announcing to the world Press their partnership at a special Gala at the 77 Venice International Film Festival, made in collaboration with The Hollywood Foreign Press Association/Golden Globes, with a special tribute to Lorenzo Soria, President of the Golden Globe Awards, and Valentina's beloved friend and mentor who suddenly passed away last August.

"We are planning to be back in Venice with our yearly Gala announcing all our new projects and efforts towards humanity”, stated Valentina. Together Valentina Castellani Quinn and Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon are in production with a series of Film Documentaries focused on Social Causes and minorities around the world.

Valentina is a strong supporter of NEREIDES Foundation and the people living with albinism in Africa. “We hope to create a strong protection program for these fragile youth decimated by ignorance and foolish superstition in Africa”, stated Valentina Castellani Quinn.


Since March 2021, Valentina Castellani Quinn is the new official muse and spokesperson of NEREIDES Diamond Elixir combining luxury and sustainability together. “I am honored to be a muse and spokesperson of NEREIDES Diamond Elixir. I share the same values then Nereides and I have been touched by learning about his engagement in the biotechnology research, especially in a such unpredictable time following the Covid pandemic. Nereides is a visionary entrepreneur and NEREIDES Diamond Elixir collection is the result of his quest of beauty since years. Nereides knows how to enhance women beauty with haute couture and his haute-rejuvenation skincare line is another successful achievement in his brilliant carrier. Now on I will promote NEREIDES Diamond Elixir collection and values through different film festivals and events all over the world starting from the next event I am co-producing in March 2021 with Max Studennikoff: the CC FORUM, an important series of Global Forums, taking place in Dubai, Montecarlo (July 2021), and London (October 2021), focused on Climate Change and Sustainability”, stated Valentina Castellani Quinn.


The Covid pandemic reversed the global retail business model and redefined the domestic market and access to luxury consumer goods opening the gate to new markets, offline and online. Starting from the official launch of NEREIDES Diamond Elixir on our e-commerce on in March 2021, we planned a product placement in all main marketplaces from Europe to USA and China. According to the Covid pandemic situation, we planned to showcase the NEREIDES Diamond Elixir collection in selected locations only such as luxury hotels and spa, historical shopping centers like Le Bon Marché, Galeries Lafayette, Le Printemps, Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, La Rinascente, the Tsum Moscow and the Dubai Mall. Meanwhile, we are now opening to the Chinese market including the duty-free channel and selected store opening in Hainan Island. We already confirmed a few marketing and global events for 2021 in France, Italy, United Kingdom and Usa alongside HFPA/Golden Globes, Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. By choosing Valentina Castellani Quinn as spokesperson and testimonial of NEREIDES Diamond Elixir, we are consolidating the link between business and philanthropy, beauty and scientific research, art/cinema, humanity and our social commitment. NEREIDES Diamond Elixir products are not only infused with diamonds but also with love and generosity”, stated Prince Nereides.

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