The rules of bright makeup

Every day more and more growing popularity on bright shades in makeup. People are not afraid to experiment. However, not everyone knows how to correctly apply such a make-up, making serious mistakes, so the editors of L'OFFICIEL RUSSIA have collected some interesting facts for you - take note.
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About lipstick

Firstly, this makeup is not suitable for everyone and not for every event: you need to clearly understand where and why you are going. If you still firmly decided to add bright colors to your image, then first determine the type of your skin. For owners of a cold shade with a bluish tint, you should choose a lipstick of pink and lilac colors; for warm - orange.

Also, when choosing lipstick, focus on lighting: from incandescent bulbs, it can look perfect, but if you look in natural light, the result can be frustrating and even shocking.

It is worth remembering that bright lipstick focuses not only on the lips, but also on the teeth, so the smile should be impeccable and snow-white! Cold shades of lipstick visually make teeth whiter, warm on the contrary - emphasize yellowness.

About the shadows

For dark skin, golden shades are good, which will give a special shine. Blue shades or greens also look advantageous, which are best applied with the smoky eyes effect to highlight the eyes and make them even brighter. For light skin, pink shades, as well as blue or orange, are more suitable.

In fact, the most winning color for everyone is pink, it goes to absolutely everyone, you just need to make it out in tones. For fair skin, it is advisable to use closer to pastel so as not to emphasize pallor, or vice versa - fuchsia. For olive skin, all tones are suitable, and for dark skin - as bright as possible, since light pink will create the effect of fading.

It is also worth paying attention to the light during application: some colors, such as orange, golden or pink, can merge with the skin to the edges of the eyes, they should be well shaded until the clear transition line practically disappears. So the make-up will look neater and more professional.

By the way, try using liquid shadows: they create the effect of a wet eyelid, now this is the latest trend in fashion.




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