The Mindful Beauty: Hypnosis Meets Advanced Skincare

Mindful Beauty: a pioneering new anti-anxiety and beauty treatment in one
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This recent trying times have taken their toll on all of us: from peaking anxiety and stress levels to surprise breakouts and dryness, the troubles of these past months left clear signs on both our mind and skin: it's time to give them a holiday.

Luckily for you, we have the ultimate solution: Malminder Gill (an Harley Street based award-winning Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, accomplished author and speaker. Gill helps clients re-invent themselves in various areas of life) in partnership with Dr David Jack, the Founder of advanced skincare brand Dr David Jack Skincare, has launched the first ever Mindful Facial, a 360 well-being ritual that simultaneously cleanses and detoxes your skin whilst deeply relaxing the mind, removing any emotional burdens and anxieties.

This luxury skincare and hypnosis treatment developed by experts is curated for those time poor and results-driven, seeking ultimate pampering and escapism in one: designed to simultaneously detoxify the skin and the mind, leaving clients glowing, relaxed and rid of emotional burdens.

Upon making an appointment, that can be booked at 96 Harley Street , Malminder will lead a consultation over the phone to prepare a bespoke live hypnosis.

Before the treatment, Izabela Pawlitka (a leading Skin Specialist and Aesthetic Therapist with over 20 years-experience in the beauty camp and cosmetic industry; she’s also Head Facialist at Dr David Jack’s clinic) will make a full skin assessment, then together with Malminder, The Mindful Facial it’s delivered.

While Izabela artfully cleanses the skin, Malminder will relax the client into a deep state of hypnosis.

The results of this pioneering new treatment leave the client with a beautifully fresh complexion and clear mind.

Dr David Jack says ‘My view on patient care to optimise skin health is that a holistic, patient centred approach should always be taken, considering all aspects of the wellbeing of the individual. As the skin is the largest organ in the body, it reflects closely the internal environment so maintaining a healthy inside is as important as the way we maintain the outside. I am delighted to partner with Malminder to create what may be the world’s first fully immersive holistic skin treatment.’

Malminder adds ‘Normally, during facials clients either fall asleep or fall into the trap of overthinking past or future events. The Mindful Facial counters those possibilities by fully immersing the client into the present moment and maximising the opportunity to absorb positive suggestions that have been specifically designed to improve emotional wellbeing. This combined approach will leave clients with fresh glowing skin and a calmer, positive mindset.’

At the end of the treatment, Izabela advises on aftercare and Malminder will send a follow up recording for clients to listen to at home.


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