10 tips to achieve the perfect workout (at home)

Many of our daily activities are limited during quarantine. The closure of many gyms and isolation at home, forces us to do our daily workout at home. Although it is difficult to find motivation to exercise, there are some tips that can keep you active and healthy during this difficult time.
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1. Create a training area

Creating a mini "gym" in the corner of a room or somewhere else in the house is a great way to ensure that you work out as much as possible at home. Once you have prepared the training area, you need to keep the equipment organized, to be excited every day you come in and feel like a little getaway.

2. Schedule your workouts

Like most things in life, planning is helpful. Having a schedule and putting your workouts on a diary helps keep you motivated and consistent. Writing down your daily workout plan is the most effective way to keep yourself focused and responsible in order to maintain the schedule.


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3. Do not set a crazy goal

You need to be realistic about your goals and not be disappointed if you fail. Keep going and set a different goal each week. Start exercising three times a week, especially if you are a beginner. Once you achieve a goal, you will feel inspired to keep going.

4. Eliminate distractions

At home it is easy to be distracted. The first step is to mute your phone. Turn off the TV, take your pets to a different room, and let your family or roommates know that you are exercising so that they do not distract you from your training program.

5. Make sure you warm up and recover

Studies show that warming up your body for exercise increases muscle strength. Always remember to warm up before exercise and recover, with stretching, at the end.


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6. Exercise in the morning

Working out early in the morning has many benefits, both in your health and in your regular schedule, which do not exist at other times of the day. Some of the benefits of a morning workout are that it improves your metabolism, improves your physical and mental energy, helps you achieve your goals faster and reduces your stress.

7. Listen to music

Music helps keep you alert and focused during exercise. Motivational or synchronized music with your training has physical and psychological effects. When a song has a strong and steady rhythm, it inspires you to practice more. There are many fitness playlists on Spotify, choose the one you like and start your fitness program

8. Wear a nice outfit

Wearing fitness clothes that you like makes you more confident about yourself. The phrase "dress for success" definitely applies to the world of fitness. When you exercise and wear comfortable clothes you do not feel limited. It also boosts your confidence and motivates you.


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9. Stay hydrated

Hydration is the key during exercise. Also, getting hydrated before you start exercising is very important, especially in hot conditions. Drinking less and more often than less often will increase your chances of achieving your exercise goals. Make sure you always have a bottle of water when exercising so that you do not become dehydrated.

10. Have a post-workout meal ready

If you are planning your morning workout it is very important to have a ready healthy breakfast waiting for you after your workout. Eating the right nutrients right after your activity is the key to achieving your goals. After exercise, it is best to eat carbohydrates and protein.


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Plus, if you need more motivation to start training, Instagram is the place to find great coaches, athletes, fitness models and trainers, each offering their own fitness program and tips.

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