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The importance of connecting body and soul in a deep way. Here, we share different practices that promote a philosophy of mindfulness, during physical activity at home.
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The origin of the word mindfulness which means attention in English, It comes from the Pali word sati , meaning "memory of the present." Broadly speaking, this Buddhist concept speaks of the importance of living fully in the present. This philosophy is more relevant now than ever, since in the face of uncertainty , it is common to feel nostalgic for the past or anxious for the future , instead of working on the human capacity to be aware in the here and now.

There are physical activities that promote these levels of consciousness or mindfulness , making it possible to actively connect with feelings , thoughts and the space that surrounds you in the present , in order to regain internal balance .

At L'Officiel we set out to discover the new Mexican projects that have led these revolutionary practices to online communication channels.


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Image courtesy of Espacio Kentro.

Concha Orvañanos founded Espacio Kentro with the intention of developing a personal growth practice. It was thus that by merging different disciplines such as yoga and some functional exercises, this project managed to develop a class that integrates strength, cardio and flexibility. Being breathing and conscious movements the central axes of each session , this is the right platform if what you are looking for is to regain physical and emotional balance .



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Portrait of Josefa de la Mora. Courtesy of Tribuo.

From different physical spaces, Andrea , Josefa and Franco have managed to build Tribuo , a functional exercise platform that transforms body and soul. Here, you will find unique classes every day , which focus on different parts of the body with the help of your own weight , a mat, and some props . In addition to the fact that no sessions are repeated, her classes fill you with good energy with high and low impact exercises, including modifications for pregnant women and beginners. This allows you to gradually and effectively develop greater fitness and endurance.


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Portrait of Lorena Martínez. Courtesy of Sculpt by Lore.

Lorena Martínez designed this fusion of Pilates mat techniques, functional training and basic yoga , when she stopped being a dancer and could not find an exercise method that would give her results. Thus was born Sculpt by Lore , a low-impact format that promotes efficient strength and flexibility training, preventing the body from reaching a limit of physical stress or wear and tear. Its methodology is suitable for all types of people , including pregnant women or beginners who seek to experience lasting , long-term changes .



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Portrait of Sofia de Palacio. Photography by Sofía González Noriega / Courtesy of Sofia Yoga.

Sofía de Palacio is a great yoga instructor who seeks to share through powerful sequences, a transforming philosophy of life. The Mexican has perfected her teaching method in Austria and India, and currently has just launched her digital platform Sofía Yoga , with classes that awaken the senses , generating a path of discovery and healing . Here, you'll find classes for beginners looking to strengthen the foundations and basics of the poses. As well as intermediate and advanced sessions, for those who seek to increase their physical and mental strength, at higher levels.



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Portrait of Ana Jimena Ramírez. Courtesy of Sersana.

Ana Jimena Ramírez and Lety Román created Sersana Body Method with the intention of making a community of stronger and happier people. That is why the founders created Sersana Home , a digital platform where they share their functional exercise method, with levels suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced. In addition, the platform has just launched "The Intensive" a highly effective 5-week challenge, perfect for start 2021 with a lot of motivation.

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