René Caovilla: how Made in Venice dream shoes are born

On Instagram, in the sign of the hashtag #CAOVILLAWONDER, the cult moments of the history of this historic Venetian shoe brand are celebrated
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The Caovilla family has been making their footwear in Fiesso d'Artico, an industrial city outside Venice, for almost over a hundred years. The brand is currently under the creative direction of Edoardo Caovilla since 2009 (he is also Chief Operating Officer), who is at the third generation at the helm. His father, René Caovilla , is still president and the brand still bears his name. But it was Edoardo's grandfather (also named Edoardo) who founded the company and the archives boast shoes dating back to his time.

Among the art creations of the Caovilla maison, the history of the CLEO sandal stands out . Designed by René in 1969, the exclusive ankle strap is inspired by the coiled Roman snake bracelets dating back to the 1st century BC. In 1975 , the shoe was also exhibited at the MoMA museum in New York. For the Cleo model in particular, each single sandal requires two days of work and checks with at least 20 steps. The snake coil is created with a metal alloy that wraps around the leg like a light embrace, without constrictions or circulatory blocks. Still today it is one of the most loved models of the brand that over the years has developed other successful footwear.

The know-how of this brand represents its soul, it is a company of real craftsmen made by those who really love shoes and women. There are collaborators who have been in the company since René's time, and some who are much younger, between 20 and 30 years of age, so past and present meet to give life to the future. A particularity is that it was René who used the red sole first (now a Louboutin appanggio, but then he preferred the now famous glitter sole, which shines together with the jewel applications of many of his collection models.

On the Maison's instagram account 4 video animations tell a story that smacks of wonder. From the first Rita model, to the Cleo symbol sandal, to the more recent Galaxia , a journey between style and creativity is outlined, which outlines the values that have always guided the brand: Passion, Creativity, Excellence.

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The first chapter of #CAOVILLAWONDER
The second chapter #CAOVILLAWONDER
The third chapter #CAOVILLAWONDER
The fourth chapter #CAOVILLAWONDER

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