Meghan Markle's beauty secret: know where to find Tea Tree oil

Versatile and easy to use, this product is a great ally of the Duchess
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Known for combining elegance with casualness, Meghan Markle has become an inspiration for many fashionistas. Far beyond her powerful looks, another detail of the Duchess stands out wherever she goes: her radiant skin! The good news is that the secret to Markle's luminosity is easy to find and fits in your pocket, Tea Tree oil .

This product has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties; it has different other benefits like healing of pimples or cleaning the scalp. This component is easily found in many beauty products such as facial masks, toners and skin creams.


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The Tea Tree still adapts well in several homemade mixes, bringing a series of benefits. In conjunction with castor oil, it turns into a powerful mask that promotes hair growth, meanwhile, when using it with apple cider vinegar it helps in cleaning the scalp.

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Here's a list of favorite products of the moment that have the powerful ingredient:

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(Photos: Disclosure / Editing: L'Officiel Brasil)

1. Tea Tree Oil 10ml, The Body Shop, R $ 45

2. Tea Tree, The Body Shop, R $ 99 Anti-Imperfection Facial Serum

3. Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil, doTERRA , R $ 125

4. B. Well Organic + Australian 100% Tea Tree Skin & Scalp Oil, Briogeo, $ 32

5. Secative Lotion, Dermage , R $ 105

6. Tea Tree Special Shampoo, Paul Mitchell , R $ 109

7. Equilibrating Tea Tree Facial Oil with Squalane, Biossance , R $ 99

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