Here's the Difference Between BB and CC Creams

With different roles from foundation and concealer, here's everything you need to know about BB cream and CC cream.
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The world of makeup has come a long way in recent years, thanks to advancing technology and scientific discoveries. Today, it seems like there's an infinity of products with different purposes for each problem and occasion. For skin, foundation and concealer are still at the top when it comes to making your face look the most polished, but there are two other comparable options with different roles: BB cream and CC cream

Although the creams have similar names, they both have different functions, depending on your skin type and needs. Here, L'OFFICIEL creates a practical and easy guide to clarify the differences and similarities between these two beloved products. 


BB Cream

BB cream, which is an acronym for the words beauty balm (or beauty balm), usually has a moisturizing function and evens out the skin tone, offering a light coverage - that's why it is champion for those with oily skin. It is common that they also offer ingredients that can, in addition to make up, treat the skin, also serving as a dermocosmetic. Some even have a primer or sun protection function.

It is recommended for those looking for a product to hide small imperfections, but don't give up on a lighter formula. BB cream is the ideal companion for quick or everyday makeup.



CC cream

CC cream, which stands for color correcting (or color correcting cream), is very similar to BB cream, but is specifically targeted to correct redness and even out skin tone.

This type of product is more suitable for those looking for a higher coverage and may also have a sun protection factor and/or ingredients that work as dermocosmetics. Because it is denser, it tends to be more pleasing to people with dry skin.




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