Lady Bridgerton tells you the beauty secrets of the Regencycore style

Not only stop at sophisticated outfits, thrilling details or romantic relationships, the fever named Bridgerton also impresses viewers with the natural, sweet, and smart makeup. A suitable suggestion for the upcoming Spring-Summer atmosphere. Hence, Regencycore is predicted to be one of the favorite makeup trends in the first half of 2021. Are you ready to give it a try?
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Regencycore and Regencycore by Bridgerton

The Regencycore is a silhouette-based aesthetic trend from the Regent of Great Britain, stretching from around 1811 to 1820. Marked by its cultural and artistic achievements, the Regency era is also defined. That is because the gloss in appearance and the relative generosity of sex are reserved for the upper class.

When the prism reappeared by the Netflix television series, Regencycore by Bridgerton reduced the sophistication, added a bit of sophistication and turned the series almost into a noble, successful "Gossip Girl" version of a fever. in terms of fashion and beauty: If Regencycore by Bridgerton is a strong prop for corset trends, according to Lyst's report, search volume for corsets increases. up to 123% since the movie's release, with a growing interest in accessories such as pearl-encrusted headbands, silk gloves or waist dresses) in the beauty field asking how to have smooth skin and radiant beauty like Daphne Bridgerton is more interested in.

Therefore, the Regencycore beauty style, which is translated into Bridgerton's language, will be a thin foundation that looks like a second skin; wet eyes with curled lashes; tears in her cheeks and pink lips. All of them have a youthful beauty that is both tender and frankly enthusiastic of the teenage girls who are fully exposed for everyone to enjoy. Undoubtedly, these are one of the styles that are worth experimenting with as they celebrate each person's natural beauty, gently helping you to attract the attention of others. However, being gentle doesn't mean easy! To own the beauty of Daphne Bridgerton, you still have to invest a certain amount of time and effort in the makeup steps below.

Regencycore by Bridgerton and how to conquer

Regencycore emphasizes and accentuates skin's smooth texture and light-reflecting transparency. Therefore, skin care before makeup is an important step that you cannot ignore. Besides, the way you choose products also need to pay attention. All should be in the form of a cream, with a semi-matte finish to maximize the "hydrated" effect.

Substrate: Choose from medium coverage products for a thin texture, rich ingredients for a semi-matte finish. Instead of having a heavy foundation, you can apply thin layers to the skin to both cover imperfections and not make the finish look unnatural.


Mascara: Regencycore does not focus on eye makeup too much but instead loves natural curled lashes. So, you should buy yourself a good eyelash clip, suitable for the eye with a lash-free mascara, not clumping for the most natural look possible.


Cheeks and lips: You should use cheeks and highlight creams to enhance the shine of the face. Besides, choose a gentle lip color with cheeks to create a feminine and subtle overall. Forget about the sharp lip liner, on the contrary, a little blurring will make your smile sweeter.


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