Jacquemus shines even more with Swarovski

The collaboration with Swarovski was unveiled during the show
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Jacquemus shines in the sun of his Provence, not only for the collection and the parade celebrating the 10th anniversary of the brand, but also thanks to the Swarovski that adorned accessories and clothes.
The collaboration between the French brand and the famous crystal house is part of the Swarovski Collective, an initiative born 20 years ago with Alexander McQueen, who chooses a designer a year to reinterpret the famous crystals with his own aesthetic vision.
Simon, after visiting Austria at the Swarovski headquarters, visiting the archive and discovering a world of high craftsmanship, decided to introduce the crystals for the first time in his collection, creating decorated t-shirts, chandelier earrings , finely worked dresses, under the cascading sandals a sea of Swarovski embellishes the shoes. "These crazy pieces in Swarovski reinforce the image of fantastic characters too sophisticated for the context in which they are found. In this setting their radiance is the starting point of what is expected to be seen in a Jacquemus show. to the artisan spirit of the maison, "says Simon.
The colors reflect the co-ed collection presented yesterday, and faithfully reproduce the nuances of the lands of Provence, where Jacquemus was born. Crystals bring in the air a further touch of magic to what has already been called an unforgettable fashion show.




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