How to take care of your skin as winter approaches?

As temperatures drop, our skin is subjected - despite itself - to various external aggressions. The editorial staff found essential care for glowing skin, even in winter.
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If you want your winter skincare regimen to be 100% effective, there is a golden rule that most of you abandon in your daily routine as soon as winter comes to the fore: exfoliation . Because, yes, contrary to what the majority might think, this step is essential for the good penetration of the products .

We believe, wrongly, that we only need to exfoliate in the summer because the pores are blocked, the skin sweats more and we are told that the tan lasts over time if - and only if - we perform a good body scrub. body. However, even in the winter season, it remains essential to stick to one or even two exfoliations per week. The goal ? Eliminate dead cells, increase the good impregnation of your moisturizing skincare products tenfold and restore your skin to unequaled softness.

But be careful, dry skin, oily skin, facial or body skin require appropriate care . We unveil the 100% clean and most innovative skincare range of the moment, signed Typology . What do we love? Its multisensory aspect, combining 3 different textures . In fact, the scrubs switch alternately from the gel texture when held in the hand to the oil texture when massaging the skin, to turn into milk on contact with water. To be tested absolutely.

Normal to oily skin:
Regenerating face scrub

Intended for all skin types - especially normal to oily skin - this scrub maximizes cell renewal and stimulates skin regeneration . Rich in squalane from olives, it intensely nourishes and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin. Organic rose geranium essential oil repairs and tones the skin.

Normal to dry skin:
Radiance face scrub

Intended for all skin types - particularly normal to dry skin - this exfoliation unifies the complexion and restores radiance to dull skin . The organic rosehip oil, the oily macerate of carrot and the essential oil of petitgrain bigarade present in this scrub respectively limit the premature aging of the skin, illuminate and unify the complexion, then repair the skin.

Body scrubs

Nourishing or toning, the body range adapts to the needs of the moment. On the one hand, the nourishing scrub repairs and regenerates the skin. Organic sweet almond oil softens, softens and intensely nourishes the skin. Super lavender essential oil helps the skin to regenerate. On the other hand, the toning treatment fights against the "orange peel" effect. The oily macerate of green coffee as well as the essential oils of Atlas cedar and Java lemongrass are recognized for their invigorating and draining properties; they act in synergy to reduce cellulite and tone the body.


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Face scrubs 50g: € 18.50
Nourishing body scrub 125g: € 19.80
Toning body scrub 125g: € 21.80

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