How to remove your semi-permanent varnish yourself?

You could not imagine, two weeks ago during your manicure, that all the institutes would soon be closed and that you would be confined, you and your semi-permanent varnish. Fortunately, the Danyl salon gives you the solution to remove it yourself from your sofa (and take the opportunity to let your nails breathe).
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- 10 pieces of aluminum

- 10 pieces of cotton

- Solvent with acetone

- Nail file

- Cuticle regrowth



Instructions :

- File the top coat with your nail file until the nail becomes mat

- Soak your cotton in solvent with acetone and place them on your nails, enclosing them with the piece of aluminum

- Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes

- Remove the aluminum and lightly scrape off the excess varnish with the cuticle repellent

- If you have a block or a grain file, sand your nail to remove the last residues

- Hydrate your nails with oil (any, even olive oil if you only have that available)

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