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The secret of your skin? Less chocolate and more toner
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In addition to her golden hair and unforgettable roles, Marilyn Monroe's flawless look marked the 1950s like no other actress in Hollywood's Golden Age . The secret to your skin has always remained a mystery, at least until now. Almost 60 years after his death, the exact routine of care was discovered.

The meticulous instructions were recently released by the Makeup Museum, which has several cosmetic artifacts belonging to Hollywood stars. Prescribed by her then dermatologist, Dr. Erno Laszlo , Marilyn's routine was created specifically for dry skin.



Laszlo was known for his holistic and comprehensive approach to his clients' skin care; therefore, the prescription included a warning against eating nuts, chocolate, olives and oysters.

Well, let's go to the tips: in the morning, after cleaning with warm water, she wiped a mattifying toner from Laszlo on her face. Then she went on with eye cream and face powder all over her face and neck. The actress' night routine was more elaborate and adapted to her skin type - after a double cleaning with oil and cream, she replicated the toner before the deep moisturizer only on the nose and chin. For special occasions, the star was instructed to apply eye cream all over her face, neck and neck.

Unsurprisingly, the products prescribed for Marilyn came directly from Erno Laszlo's skin care line. Although most of them have been discontinued, the Erno Laszlo brand has relaunched its famous Shake-It toner this month in conjunction with its debut at the Makeup Museum in New York.

The detailed recipe was scheduled to be revealed at the opening of the Makeup Museum on May 1, but the event has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although you can't personally see its cosmetic relics, the museum continues to reveal artifacts never seen before from its 1950s Pink Jungle: Makeup in America exhibition on Instagram.


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