Beauty Tea: The Earth Day Guide to Beauty

Explore our comprehensive list of beauty products that are both eco-conscious and chic.
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When it comes to beauty, “clean” is generally defined as a non-toxic product made without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, PEGs, BHT, BHA, and synthetic fragrances. Put more simply: it’s got to be good for you, and good for the earth. If you’re new to clean products, don’t worry – e-commerce destinations and brick-and-mortar retailers are making “clean” labels more visible and easier to navigate than ever.

Even giants like Target and Rite Aid have taken initiative to expand their clean product aisles and began stocking shelves with organic, conscious products that are also affordable. Sephora’s green-colored seal of “clean” approval makes online shopping clearer than ever before. Brands and consumers alike are also focusing in on product packaging and its sustainability. Are the jars made of recycled glass? Is the lipstick wrapped in BPA-free, recycled plastic? Shoppers want answers, and they’re demanding more responsibility from brands.

Thanks to time and advances in science, clean formulas and products have never been better. Let these clean brands help steer your routine into the eco-revolution. You won’t turn back—I promise.

After five years, one of the industry’s most talked about brands has added a second product for their cult-followers. In February, VD fans rejoiced to hear the news that the Active Treatment Essence had hit stores, and like their original Botanical Serum—it delivers.

Active Treatment Essence, $225, available at Vintner’s Daughter

Like all products from Tata Harper, this hyaluronic mist does not disappoint. Use it on the airplane, as a toner, or simply when you’re feeling like you need some added moisture.

Hydrating Floral Essence, $68, available at Tata Harper

May Lindstrom’s blue tansy balm has amassed a cult following among eczema sufferers, and people who just want perfect skin. The blue tansy itself has a subtle natural floral scent but nothing too overt. When it’s blended into the skin, the blue hues fade instantly, so don’t worry about a Smurf effect.

The Blue Cocoon, $180, available at May Lindstrom

This organic tinted lip exfoliator is a genius creation from beloved lip gem brand, Henné. This exfoliator is so good; you’ll want to eat it up—literally.

Organics Nordic Berries Lip Exfoliator, $24, available at Henné Organics

NYT beauty editor Bee Shapiro created this line of sustainable fragrances and the people have spoken: love at first scent. “West” was inspired by Los Angeles writers of the ’70s. Citrus lovers will be particularly pleased by the blood orange, lemon, and vetiver notes. Environment fans will rejoice over the environmentally-friendly glass bottle. Win-win.

West Eau de Parfum, $105, available at Ellis Brooklyn

Natural alpha and beta hydroxy acids work to slough away layers of dead skin, while plant-based microbeads act as a mini microdermabrasion. Use this treatment 1-2 times per week to allow for more potent product absorption to follow.

Exfoliating Instant Facial, $125, available at goop

Encased in heavy all-metal compacts with a folding, magnetic seal, the packaging on these lip tints is no joke. And neither is the gorgeous, just-bitten formula inside.

Lip Tint, $49, available at Kjaer Weis

Grey and fatigued complexions rejoice: this is the serum for you. This natural renewal serum features beta-carotene and aloe vera to smooth pillow creases and brighten signs of fatigue.

Cellular Renewal Concentrate, $165, available at In Fiore

A favorite with makeup artists for its easy application, this blush/highlighter duo is all you need for day-to-night effortless glam.

Color & Light Palette, $34, available at Kosås

Haven’t washed your hair? Slept in a tight hair tie? No problem. This new product from L.A.-girl favorite haircare brand magically removes creases for a new day’s hairstyle. Your welcome.

New Day Hair Mist, $24, available at Playa

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