Anne Hathaway and the outfits for Locked down

Haute couture even at home!
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What's the best way to promote a movie called Locked down ? Surely wearing amazing clothes in the garden of your home! American actress Anne Hathaway seems to agree. His new film, out January 14 on HBO Max, was shot in London during the first lockdown to hit the world in 2020. The story stars Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor who play Linda and Paxton, a wife, respectively. and a husband on the verge of divorce. Just as the two make the decision to separate, the sudden global pandemic and its aftermath forces them into an unexpected quarantine. The story will take an unexpected turn when the protagonist is fired and the couple will be forced to participate in a theft to overcome the economic crisis. Between twists and moments of absolute hilarity, the film will surely get a laugh even from the most cynical.


To promote the film, Anne decided not to move from her home, putting her and her family's safety first. This did not stop her from wearing amazing looks giving all her fans some truly unforgettable fashion moments . Between Dior and Versace dresses, the actress has revolutionized the world of premieres and has certainly shown that you can be chic and fashionable even at home. No more shapeless jumpsuits and pajamas, welcome Haute Couture!

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