A Christmas signed Versace

"Versace Holiday Saga 2019" by artist and writer Sarah Baker is a story divided into six chapters; a plot full of twists like the most shocking soap operas of the 1980s
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Sarah Baker is an artist who ranges between different art forms: photography, cinema and theater. For the holiday season he created a series of videos in collaboration with Versace, in which he plays the protagonist Angelina, flanked by the inimitable supermodel Helena Christensen in the role of Baroness. The mood is that of the pink novels of Jackie Collins (sister of the equally famous Joan Collins, as well as an actress in the successful soap opera "Dynasty") and the protagonists are dealing with a series of scandals, between betrayals and power games. What unites the two women is the celebration of women power and female complicity. The video opens with Sarah Baker, who in a letter addressed to Donatella Versace recounts the tumultuous events that struck her last year: "Dear Donatella, I almost lost everything"; so begins the story of Angelina. Angelina is the producer of the hit single "Spritz me with your love!" Together with Angelo, a companion of Baroness who had lost his memory due to an accident and believes she has all the rights to the compilation. In a succession of events that recall the tragedies of soap operas such as "Beautiful" or "Dynasty", friendship between women manages to bring the truth to light.

How did this collaboration with Donatella Versace come about?
Sarah Baker: I have always been inspired by the world of luxury, "drama" and power. In romance novels and in particular in Jackie Collins's work there is a dramatization that I find fascinating. The idea of mixing the genre of the romance novel with the style of Versace has given me great creativity. I find the Versace woman very much in the characters of romantic novellas: strong female figures can be dominant, but support each other to be stronger. When I met Donatella she told me: "strong women like us need to support each other", immediately evoking the idea that inspired my work.

What was the inspiration for this project?
Sarah Baker: Versace has always been a source of constant inspiration since I started my artistic career at Goldsmiths College in London. For over twenty years I have been incorporating the iconic style and motifs of the brand into my photographic projects, performances, sculptural works. My work has always explored the mystical concept of luxury, fashion and design, and my recent projects are mainly focused on the union of fashion, the romantic novel genre and soap operas. I've been a Versace fan since the beginning.

What Versace gift would you like to find under the Christmas tree?
Sarah Baker: During the shooting I noticed a belt full of details and metal accessories that will weigh at least 10 kg ... It's not exactly an everyday accessory that I would wear to take my child to school or go to the office, but it's that collector's item I would use for a sculptural work. But under my Christmas tree? Definitely the Versace Virtus bag.






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