Rain boots, five models for winter 2020

Rain boots have invaded the catwalks and are back in fashion to give us a little comfort without forgetting style
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Gone are the days when rain boots were considered only "rain boots". Released by Kate Moss in the 90s, they have become festival boots, streetstyle chic, inseparable companions of Rihanna or Meghan Markle, in a sporty version. Today the rain boot is also on the catwalk for Prada, Bottega Veneta and even Dior . However, this is not a new variant of the classic Hunter model - the Wellington Original, to be clear - but each brand has proposed its own reinterpretation. In colored rubber, tank sole, platform, more amphibious, more chunky, more sleek. Rain boots are the new object of desire for Autumn / Winter 2020, crossing the catwalks in a thousand colors and shapes, demonstrating that practicality and style can coexist. The most popular is the Puddle Boot, Bottega Veneta's "puddle" boot available in five colors: Black, Fondant, Kiwi, Rubber Band and Lollipop. The shoe is made of 100% biodegradable polymer rubber, has a thick sole, is easy to clean and above all it is able to withstand any weather. Then we find the variant proposed by Prada and Versace ; the high rubber boot with a tank sole. A model with strong shapes, lightened by the choice of bright colors such as candy pink, to revive dull rainy days. Dior prefers the amphibious lace-up style ankle boot, in leather and dark tones for those who do not like to dare and focuses on simplicity. Stella McCartney instead launches an ankle boot able to balance a quality performance with an elegant appearance; here too the sole is ultra-high tank and in light rubber while the shoe is in contrasting paint. The only thing is certain, they are boots in all respects and can be, not only the prerogative of a sporty look, but take the field with more elegant dresses, full skirts, even long dresses. It will be all a matter of styling.

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