10 times that Lucy Boynton was our maximum inspiration of beauty

She is an expert when it comes to bold makeup
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Whether for her many ways of using eyeliner or metallic colors, Lucy Boynton has become a maximum inspiration for beauty! The actress always has a creative look, with an unusual and unusual touch. Their makes bring inspirations from decades like 1960 and 1980 and, of course, we love!


See the 10 times that Lucy has rocked makeup and became a maximum inspiration:

Blue shade 1950 style and pink lips


For Chanel's pre-Oscar party, Lucy chose to wear pastel blue shade, creating a look similar to the 1950's. Her secret was to use color only on the outer corner of the eye!

Twiggy eyeliner and yellow eyeshadow

Make-up artist Jo Baker has created a graphic eyeliner with a 1960s-style eyeliner. And to clinch the look for Vanity Fair's pre-Oscar party, vibrant yellow shade.

Shadow of the 1980s, golden and pink


The mix of colors, as well as the format in which the shadows were applied, gave a dramatic look to the actress, with a style that goes back to the 1980s.

Swallowtail eyeliner

You can see that Lucy loves bold outlines and graphics, is not she? This time the actress opted for a swallowtail style outline.

Outlined Pussy Cat

The name may seem strange, but the look of the unpainted kitten eyeliner in the middle is bold and brings that "unusual" touch that we love!

Pink and Red Contrast

The fresh skin was the perfect foundation for a powerful mouth with vibrant red and to finalize the look with a perfect pink blush contrast well almost in the eye region.

Graphic eyeliner "floating"

The eyeliner of the time came floating style, in the region of the concave, which created a modern look that contrasts with the classic skin and mouth.

Cut creates blurred


Sleek and creative, Lucy's cut crease was well smudged in golden hues.

Doll Eyelashes

Powerful, long, well-styled doll lashes gave Boynton an inspired look in the 1960s.

Makeup grunge metal

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The perfect inspiration for anyone looking for an extravagant and powerful look! The messy metallic shadow gave Lucy's pink millennial look a grunge touch.

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