Rare Artworks & Furniture Featured At Saint Laurent Rive Droite

Specially curated by Anthony Vaccarello, this is the ultimate cultural and creative destination for the artist in you.
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Since Saint Laurent Rive Droite opened its doors to the public in June, the concept store has been carrying a variety of curated items such as limited-edition, books, vinyl and art, plus novelty items, such as skateboards, yoga mats, stationery, lighters and phone cases. Now, Saint Laurent is expanding its cultural purview through a furniture and art exhibition, and it's honestly looking pretty cool. 

Popular pieces from artists such as Helmut Newton and Daido Moriyama, as well as rare furnishings from designers such as Jules Leleu and Pierre Jeanneret are on show during this exhibition. For those looking to spruce up your home, this is where you can get these one-of-a-kind home accessories. 

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Iconic pieces from Helmut Newton will be available such as Eiffel Tower (1974); On the 10th floor of the Hilton Hotel (1976); as well as pieces from Daido Moriyama as Untitled - Lips 16 Times (2001); Untitled - Lips 9 Times (2001) and Tights (1987) and one piece from Hiro; Maria Beadeux, New York, (1974) are provided by Hamiltons Gallery, London.

And as for furnishings, you can expect to see the Pierre Jeanneret Sofa, an Antony chair by Jean Prouvé, and a Office chair Pierre Jeanneret. The Jeanneret library table with light from the Jousse gallery is also available at the store. All these unique pieces are valued according to their colour, condition, rarity and availability. 

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