New Photo Book 'Terms & Conditions' Celebrates the Nude Female Form

The collection of photographs highlights the female figure through uncensored nudity.
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A new collection of photographs is celebrating the uncensored nude female figure.Terms & Conditions features the works of 49 photographers, including Harley Weir, Richie Shazam (who stars in our latest digital issue), Michael Bailey-Gates, Mayan Toledano, Cameron Lee Phan, and David Uzochukwu, among several others. 

The project aims to bring awareness to how the banned female nipple limits photographers' artistic abilities and the issue of gendered censorship on social media. Photographers wrote notes to accompany each image, discussing their opinions on the conversation. Format, an online portfolio builder that allows thousands of photographers around the world to showcase their nudes without censorship, supported the project. 

Below, see select works from the new collection alongside photographers' thoughts.

Michael Bailey-Gates

"I spoke with artist Carly Mark who’s featured in this image, and she shared that this form of censorship makes the  'female body inherently pornographic, rather than just a body.' Social media is a tricky parallel world, but changes that  happen online can cause ripple effects in our own lives. Censorship on these platforms says that nipples are offensive,  but only on a femme body. It’s a way of shaming a person." 

Harley Weir

“When it’s hot, I often wish I could fling off my shirt and go topless without feeling awkward, or in many countries, a  criminal. I don't think people should hide or be ashamed of any part of their body, whatever gender they are.” 

Richie Shazam

“We should have the right to display our bodies however we want, without fear of being punished and demonized. We  take pride in our bodies and everyone should be treated equally. We should be respected to do what we want and on  our own terms. It is vital to end gendered censorship on social media—we should be able to express ourselves freely  with complete control.” 

Mayan Toledano

“The fact that female, femme and non-binary bodies are still policed by censorship is damaging to our freedom of  visual expression, and to the way we view and understand each other. Gendered censorship reflects societal fears and  the power dynamics that keep the female body sexualized, rather than understood. When nipples are deleted off of  Instagram for ‘violation of community standards’ it violates our bodies, never the safety of the viewer." 

David Uzochukwu

See the full project here.

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