Culture tip: look at art at Fondation d'entreprise Hermès in Brussels

The Soul Mobilization exhibition by artist Babi Badalov runs from November 29 to February 15, 2020.
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From November 29 you can visit the Soul Mobilization exhibition in La Verrière, the Brussels area for contemporary art of the Fondation d'entreprise Hermès. The exhibition presents the personal work of Azeri artist Babi Badalov curated by Guillaume Désanges. Soul Mobilization is the third part of the cycle "Matters of Concern | Matières à panser”, which started in April 2019 in the Brussels exhibition area of Hermès.

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Curator Guillaume Désanges explained:

"The generous and lavish style of Babi Badalov discovers in a concrete way - through drawings, collages, editions, murals, canvases and objects - the links between images and words and the way in which language is not mastered our relationship to redefine knowledge, but also with respect to others and the world: the alienating, the different and the poetic illustrate Badalov's work, hovering between raw art, classicism, baroque and punk. They make abundant use of the arabesque when writing words and slogans on all kinds of grounds.

That obsessive caligraphy, the trademark of his art, is expressed in a plastic use of language with word games, repetitions and homophones that are associated with images and materials. Badalov's art is almost graffiti and is characterized by the decorative aspect and decorations. The artist reveals links between the drawing and the writing that the West has erased but which still exist in the Muslim tradition, the artist's partial origins. Badalov uses shabby and recycled materials, in an aesthetic of urgency and necessity. His work stems from a unique craftsmanship that shows enormous dignity and even an undeniable fascination, despite the lack of materials.

Through this direct means of communication, the artist refers to social and geopolitical issues that are also addressed in his own life. Cultural integration, globalization, migration, gender, activism, postcolonialism are the themes around which his graphic poetry revolves. He goes against the dominant views of the world. The artist does that through his own interpretation of agitation and propaganda (agitprop). ”


About Babi Badalov

In this way Badalov often becomes an intimate diary in which he writes daily and in which his linguistic search and a twisted pictorial representation are combined with political content. The wandering life of an artist (of a traveler, of a migrant or of a refugee) not only causes a difficult cultural adjustment period, but can also lock the artist up in his own language. Babi Badalov's projects play with these linguistic phenomena to emphasize more important geopolitical issues.

Babi Badalov is a member of "L' Atelier des artistes en exil" (The atelier of banned artists). He is represented by the Jérôme Poggi Gallery from Paris.


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