5 exhibitions to visit comfortably at home

#IORESTOACASA: from streaming performances to national historical museums, art becomes virtual for quarantine
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Music, literature, art. Creativity does not stop, it becomes a concert to be heard at home, a book read by someone we follow on Instagram, a virtual tour in a museum where we have never been. Here are 5 art exhibitions and museums to see comfortably seated on the sofa. How does it work? Simple. There are links on the sites, contents on the Instagram pages of the museums, or virtual tours on YouTube.


Vatican museums

360 degree virtual tours allow you to observe not only the single work but to explore the rooms of the Vatican Museums in Rome, from the Raphael Rooms to the Sistine Chapel. An opportunity to look at the huge collection of works of art accumulated over the centuries by the popes. Without queuing.


MoMA and Met

Those who prefer modern and contemporary art can browse the endless collection of MoMA that has been digitized thanks to the Google Art Project : Google's algorithms have examined and labeled the museum's works, including the part of photography and digital art, now open to visitors as a multimedia gallery. The Metropolitan Museum of Art archive is also online, which houses over two million works from classical antiquity to modern art.



The museum of Bologna, until April 5, from Tuesday to Sunday will publish a new artistic contribution on the YouTube channel MAMbo Channel at 15 thanks to the 2 minutes of MAMbo initiative.


Art Basel Hong Kong

Even the art fair expected in late March was canceled. The event, however, was transferred online, thanks to the Online Viewing Rooms , real rooms for the digital use of the works. The vialibera is scheduled for March 25 - the works can be viewed online directly on the official Art Basel website.



The Japanese brand, founded by the famous rock star Yoshiki, together with V&A, has inaugurated the largest kimono exhibition in Europe, in the United Kingdom. Japanese clothes from the 17th century, international high fashion and Star Wars costumes meet in Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk which presents the garment as a dynamic and constantly evolving fashion icon. Photos in gallery.


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