1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, the artistic meeting not to be missed in Marrakech

1-54 Marrakech, the third edition in Marrakech of the main art fair dedicated to contemporary African art and the African diaspora, will take place again in La Mamounia on February 20 to 23.
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1-54 Marrakech will bring together 20 major galleries from Africa and Europe featuring more than 70 artists, as well as a vast program of conferences organized for the first time by art historian and curator Karima Boudou.

Marrakech is home to one of the most dynamic artistic scenes on the continent. It is here that 1-54 Marrakech will present special projects in partnership with the Montresso Foundation, MACAAL, the 18th, DaDa, the Comptoir des Mines Galerie or the Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech museum, as well as a wider program of events in partnership with other local institutions across the city. Individual exhibitions by Hussein Salim, Jean David Nkot and Mounir Fatmi, will punctuate this unmissable event. 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, the first international fair dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art in Africa and the diaspora will therefore open on February 22, 2020, preceded by an opening for the press and collectors the 20 and February 21.

Touria El Glaoui, founding director of 1-54, has always been keen to set up the event on the African continent, after having launched the fair in 2013 in London then in 2015 in New York. In February 2018, the fair was successfully created in Marrakech, allowing the event to broaden its influence and diversify the list of exhibiting galleries as well as the artists presented, thus strengthening the global network developed by 1-54 during the last seven years. The ocher city has one of the most dynamic artistic scenes on the continent, 1-54 Marrakech takes advantage of the creative energy infused into the city by its artists, galleries and institutions.

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On the sidelines, 1-54 Marrakech will be accompanied by 1-54 FORUM, the fair's conference program, which will present artist discussions and round tables with curators, artists and cultural producers from around the world, and which will be held at La Mamounia, at ESAV and at 18, parallel to the fair.

For the 2020 edition in Marrakech, 1-54 FORUM will be organized for the first time by an independent artistic space, The Showroom, in London. The project will be led by The Showroom's conservation team, inspired by its methodology from its Communal Knowledge program, the aim of which is to generate engagement with its local community in North West London. Under the title On focus: Communal Knowledge at Large, 1-54 FORUM will explore the potential of transposing this methodology into other contexts. Nourished by the contributions of regional and international agents, 1-54 FORUM will become a platform for questioning the multiple practices of socially engaged art, which will make it possible to develop a new roadmap for collective organizational and institutional methodologies stemming from this meeting between artists, activists, institutions and community organizers.

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