How to Wear Monogram Fashion

When Gabrielle Chanel first put the double C signature on her design in 1925, she sparked a new movement and fanaticism for fashion followers. Women from old to young, from civilians to connoisseurs, everyone wants to get anything with the double C emblem, while men try to impress women with gifts the same double C pair.
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Chanel's double C-shaped monogram is one of the best success stories in fashion branding history. From then on to the years 1980-90, the Logomania era was born. A series of fashion houses compete to design the brand's logo and monogram to put on their costumes.

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Today, the monogram is not only a brand heritage, but also a sign of the luxury and style of those who wear costumes or own expensive monogram accessories.

The year 2021 brings a new era of monogram fashion, with the introduction of a new monogram from Versace fashion house aimed at the trendy customers of Generation Z and Millennials, personalities and likes to assert themselves, especially through their unique fashion symbols and “codes”. With L'OFFICIEL Vietnam learn 5 basic ways to incorporate monogram into clothes in a stylish way but "not too much" later.

1 / Monogram goes with a child motif

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Dior brand lovers will know Mr. Dior's passion is floral and astrological motifs, which are used by the fashion house and put into many collections recently. So, what better way to combine the iconic Dior oblique saddle bag with the ton-sur-ton floral pattern set?

Soft flowers with neutral or complementary colors that appear on blouses, shorts or culotte create the perfect outfit, highlighting the monogram on the iconic bag and turning the bag into a piece of software. trade of the dress.

2 / Merge Monogram according to the layer

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Another way to incorporate monogram motifs without overdoing the outfit is to layer the outfit. Bella Hadid did this very well by putting the Fendi hugging shirt into the center and over it with a sturdy life jacket. Although not too prominent, the hugging T-shirt still fulfills its role well when letting the opposite person know the owner's style. If you don't like wearing monograms inside, you can give them a vignette for your outerwear, just like Gigi Hadid did.

3 / Logomania down the street

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For those who like a chic street style: replace your typical jeans with a silk jogger, combine the outfit with a sleek pair of high heels and ... of course, a "say it all" T-shirt . Balenciaga, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi, Versace, ... there are many brands that bring you a simple but still extremely expensive T-shirt, helping to instantly lift the makeup in people's eyes. opposite.

4 / Let accessories change words

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One of the subtle ways to show that you are a fashionista of a certain brand is through accessories and extras. Instead of wearing a standout outfit with a well-known-what-you monogram motif, silently bring in small accessories but still attract the eye.

Today, all fashion accessories from scarves, necklaces, belts, bags, suitcases, shoes, ... have a monogram vignette version. How else to squint by preparing a set of travel bags and suitcases with a trendy fashion house monogram like Gucci or Louis Vuitton like this? In addition, monogram socks or boots are also very easy to create a trendy "semi-closed, half open", quite interesting and interesting!

5 / The whole Monogram, why not?

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1617806553931590 versace fashion show fall 2021

Versace has just released the brand's new monogram logo, marking a memorable transition and making brand fans scream in happiness.

If you really are a loyal fan, don't hesitate to express it through a suit covered with the trademark monogram from head to toe, or a large full-body jacket, or pants and jacket ... Just keep in mind one rule: choose a monochromatic color to avoid distracting the overall look of the outfit. The accessories included should also be moderated to the best degree of sophistication, sleekness and simplicity!



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