Is Emma Watson a Real Life Princess?

Everyone knows Emma Watson, the actress who majestically played Hermione Granger. Apart from being the brilliant witch of her age, Emma is also a fashion icon. In honour of her birthday today, L'Officiel has chosen her best look so far that will make you rethink your idea of timeless elegance
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She had a bossy sort of voice, lots of bushy brown hair and rather large front teeth... everyone knows who we are talking about: the brilliant witch of her age, Miss Hermione Granger. One of the most loved characters in the book series Harry Potter, reached global success when a young eleven-year-old Emma Watson played her in the first movie based on the novels. British actress and activist (her works for women's right are globally recognized ), the girl has enchanted the world thanks to her ability to appear down to earth while reaching for the sky. So soft yet so fearless, Emma proved to be not like her famous friends when she stepped back from acting and graduated from Brown University with a bachelor's degree in English literature (even if she sadly admitted, it took her five year instead of four due to acting's obligations, but can anyone blame her?). After closing Harry Potter's chapter (but can Harry Potter really end?) Emma decided to take on different roles, both from blockbusters and independent movies. Useless to say that she excelled in both, proving once again to be one of the kind. 

Emma Watson is, for solid reasons, one of the most admired women in the world and many people look up to her to get inspired and to learn more about women's right (she's a proud feminist and advocacy of human's right). While, for a normal person, this might be enough to fulfil a lifetime, Emma has taken over one more field: the fashion industry. Her impeccable British' elegance and her ability to always look like a princess ( no wonder why she was chosen to play Belle in the Disney remake of "Beauty and the Beast") makes her one of the stylish actresses out there. Minimal, chic, graceful and sophisticated, Emma Watson is the image of a bold girl, proud businesswoman, smart person and style icon, and to celebrate her birthday today, L'Officiel picks some of her best outfits (yet) that will make you go like "Oh wow, she's really the personification of timeless elegance"


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