The Kitschy Rings From Our Childhood Have Grown Up

When several celebs advocate one type of accessory at the same time, we pay attention. Like now, with the chunky ring.
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This trend has been going on for a while, but it seems far from over: a handful of influencers and models are working hard to put the graphic chunky ring from our childhood on the fashion agenda. They are colorful, plastic, resin or colored, only now they look a lot more mature. Kylie Jenner , Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid in particular seem to be away from the trend.

It is probably because we are slowly getting bored with subtle rings; with all that video calling we want to have something cozy in the picture. Some creative excesses in these somewhat gloomy times. In addition, modest rings at one and a half meters of social distance are hardly noticeable. Insert color, kitsch and opulence. Bet you can still see this ring (or a whole set of it) from ten meters away?

Label La Manso is actually The OG in this story. It started three years ago, inspired by Grandmother's ring collection and made from recycled plastic.

Chunky ring, resin ring, clay rings - whatever you want to call it - are here to stay:



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