Body, sport and nutrition: 4 new things to prepare for summer (already)

Aesthetic medicine, innovative hair removal and sports routine: 4 new reflexes to approach the beautiful season with confidence.
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TrainMe, zero excuses coaching

Multi-recidivist of good illusory resolutions at the start of the year, do you have an annoying tendency to desert sports halls barely a month after your registration?

To stay motivated throughout the year, nothing like home coaching. A fun app specializing in home coaching, TrainMe connects professional sports coaches with individuals or companies.

The advantage? With fifteen diverse and varied disciplines (from yoga to boxing through tennis and running), there is something for everyone and especially all levels, from the most lazy to experienced athletes.

Thanks to the four sports families on offer (initiation, fitness, well-being and performance) and the numerous user ratings under the profiles of each of the coaches, we create a tailor-made and à la carte sports routine, depending on our availability and current objectives.


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Apilus, permanent hair removal for everyone

Want to do away with unwanted hair forever, but put off by the (too) many restrictions implied by laser or pulsed light protocols?

We opt for Apilus, revolutionary high frequency hair removal technology. Unlike effective laser techniques mainly on light skin and dark hair, the latter adapts to all skin tones and is practiced all year round.

In her Parisian institute Mademoiselle A located a stone's throw from the Saint Martin canal, the expert of the genre Audrey Mei allows us to say a final goodbye to the drudgery of waxing, on all areas of the face but also on the body: each of the hairs is inserted with a microfilament, a lethal weapon which will make it possible to deliver a high frequency pulse and destroy the hair in a fraction of a second.

The considerable advantages of this advanced technique? Almost no pain thanks to Audrey's fairy hands, nor side effects causing tenfold regrowth.


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Chez Mlle A, 194 rue du Faubourg Saint Martin 75010 Paris

Sharpen its curves upstream

All (good) aesthetic doctors will tell you: no need to wake up three weeks away from the bikini hoping for miracles, the body and the curves talk throughout the year. We therefore take advantage of the gray season and winter frost to start a cryolipolysis cure, the effects of which will appear just in time for the summer.

Designed especially for the area of the breeches, the crystal technology handpiece from Deleo laboratories adapts naturally to our shapes:

"We use curved handpieces specially designed to treat the thighs and hips, and designed for the fairly hard fatty deposits characteristic of this area ," explains Dr. James Schinazi, aesthetic doctor and nutritionist.

The ideal is to couple this protocol with LPG sessions or lymphatic drainage operated by professionals, in order to stimulate the area for the evacuation of toxins by the lymph manually. It is also recommended to boost the effects of the sessions by drinking a lot of water and having a cardio-type sporting activity " recommends the silhouette expert.

Eatology, healthy menus delivered to your home

Want to adopt a healthy food routine, but neither the desire nor the talent to cook fresh and appetizing dishes?

Allergy sufferers dreamed of it, Eatology did it: after a promising success in Asia, the healthy menu sign at home is taking over France.

The concept? Nutritional programs ultra personalized, studied according to the food routines and the objectives of each.

We choose between the well-being option for those who wish to balance their diet without sinking into draconian diets, the low carb solution that limits carbohydrates to 20% to lose weight quickly, or the ketogenic menus adopted by all the famous gurus of healthy living.

Tasty recipes, gourmet snacks and daring seasonings: Thanks to the delicious meals concocted by the talented chef Franck Brasseur and his team and delivered each morning to our door, we taste the ultimate luxury of a private chef and we relearn how to eat without being sacrifice nothing for fun at the table.


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