White high-heeled shoes are making their way back to fashion

After months where the flats dominated the productions, the white heel once again gained prominence, bringing elegance and freshness to the season
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After a year in which flat shoes and sneakers stood out in our wardrobes, heels looked like they would go on hiatus in fashion. But, contrary to what many predicted, high sandals are making their way back to looks, bringing a touch of elegance and glamor to the productions - mainly in white.

Appearing in different versions, the trend can adapt to the style of several women, as well as for occasions that require an even more chic look. Models with thin straps share the spotlight with powerful pumps and elevate any production to a status of pure glamor. Whether with a T-shirt and jeans or even the most powerful party dress.

The success of the white tone is also due to its versatility - be it in monochrome productions or a touch of freshness amid colorful pieces, becoming the perfect balance for the last weeks of summer. Get inspired!
















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