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Armani Privé and King Giorgio's homage to Milan

Giorgio Armani's high fashion collection is on show at Palazzo Orsini: a hymn to floral, with touches of red, ultramarine blue and the inevitable greige
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The Armani Privè Spring-Summer 2021 collection , the high fashion line of King Giorgio, parades, behind closed doors and without the public, for the first time at Palazzo Orsini, in via Borgonuovo in Milan, in the fashion district. In addition to hosting the Armani atelier, and therefore the heart of the collections, the historic building is in the heart of the city to which the designer dedicates the show. And so everything happens digitally, but maybe that's not a bad thing, the designer is keen to explain to us: “couture is rooted in the history of fashion. It represents the pinnacle of creativity and sartorial skill but it is a world available only to a few. today, through internet democracy, we are able to offer a front row seat to everyone ”.

Among the fairy tale embroideries and sparkling fabrics, we discover never exaggerated proportions, with jackets designed on the body, delicate petticoat dresses embroidered with flowers or fans, slip tunics in satin, rose-shaped curls, inevitable velvet, used not only for suits with a boss jacket, but also for bustier evening dresses with geometric necklines. Lamé with gold-gray reflections is not only relegated to fluttering evening dresses but also for day dresses, satin and organza also for jabots around the neck, tulle and washed silk in contrast to the masculine cuts of pinstripes. A final riot is represented by the colors that pay homage to the symbolic shades of the maison: magenta red and aqua green, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue and greige, that non-gray gray that was born from Armani's mind. The extra touch? The fairytale allure is added by the glitter microcrystals and sequins that reveal the exercise of craftsmanship and the accuracy in execution, while I hit the floral embroideries on the tulle as they delicately blend the colors.



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