Princess Diana's makeup artist reveals why she always wore blue eyeliner

Lady Di loved to try new makeup!
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Powerful and charismatic, Princess Diana has established herself as an icon of style capable of reaching and influencing generations. Playing with the elegance worthy of a member of royalty and casualness, she provided the world with a shower of inspirations capable of taking the breath away of any fashionista. But, although Lady Di liked to bring innovations to her productions, some details of her and aesthetics remained in evidence, such as the blue outline. But why did she bet on such a bold and even controversial look?


“She loved makeup and to tried it on,” says Mary Greenwell, her ex-makeup artist. “That didn't happen to the point of going from green to blue eyeshadow, but just experimenting with ways to make her eyes stand out more. It was just about really making her look absolutely beautiful all the time. ”

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However, this love for the blue eyeliner was put aside with the support of Greenwell, because according to the makeup artist “I think that dramatic changes are not really something for someone who is in the White House, in the office or in a royal family, because it is simply not really appropriate ”. She explains her decision “I think beige and brown are much more beautiful. That simple".

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