Billie Eilish's New Haircut is a Viral Sensation

The pop singer inspires Gen Z's newest DIY haircut.
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How can you forget the moment when Billie Eilish became an internet phenomenon after showing her capillary transformation? In March of this year, the singer published her new look on her Instagram account and, since then, some things have become clear: as if the 23 million likes this photo won were not enough, Billie Eilish's chopped cut became the new Generation Z's favorite trend and now it's dominating the Tik Tok.


Known as "Wolf Cut", this look is bold, stripped and marked by layers. And, the trend is being strongly compared with two cuts that a few seasons ago came back to gain prominence among celebrities, the Mullet and the Shaggy Hair. Some even believe that she is a reinterpretation of these looks.


On Tik Tok, the trend has already become a real hit. Between videos showing the result of the transformation and others that even show the cut being done at home, the hastag #wolfcut has 333.7M views on the network, while #wolfcutmullet and #shagmullet are currently with 12.9M and 6.7M, respectively. Any doubt that the look is the new darling of Generation Z?






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