Beyoncé launches unisex sports clothing with Ivy Park x Adidas

Beyoncé was inspired by her male fan base for her first unisex collection: Ivy Park x Adidas. The collection will be available from January 18, 2020.
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Beyoncé knows how to make her fans warm. On Instagram, she released a series of teasers from the collaboration between her own brand Ivy Park and Adidas yesterday. Queen B recently purchased the rights of her own label Ivy Park again and she does not want to let that pass unnoticed. She uses Adidas for her first capsule collection of unisex sports clothing .

Beyoncé previously shared in an interview with Elle that it will be a unisex collection, in response to the growing demand from both men and women. The singer said she was pleasantly surprised when her previous Ivy Park collection was also warmly received by men. The fact that her male fans did not care for the traditional division of men and women in fashion was the reason for this unisex collection. The Ivy Park x Adidas collection is an extension of Beyoncé's own style, but is so varied that everyone can find what they want. Just because this collection is unisex, Beyoncé challenges the wearer to experiment and play with the so-called fashion rules.

In six Instagram posts, Bey zooms in on a number of details of the collection. In the lead role a color combination of burgundy and beige, and images that look wonderfully vintage. The well-known Three Stripes that adorn Beyoncé's nails serve as inspiration for our next visit to the nail stylist, if we do venture into statement nail art . And if we can believe the teasers, the collection will include clothing, sneakers and accessories. We secretly hope that the glitzy ear cuff and grill will also be for sale.

The Ivy Park x Adidas collection will be available from January 18, 2020.



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