Jean Paul Gaultier has opened its doors by sharing the behind-the scenes of its Couture House.
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Raya Martigny in Jean Paul Gaultier "The Show Must Go On"

While the world was seemingly shutting down, Jean Paul Gaultier takes the opportunity of the Fashion Week to open its doors and share the behind the scenes of its Haute Couture House. 

"This is a full immersion inside the show, a way to meet the Petites-Mains and Artisans of the House while being guided by our longtime friends and a new generation of muses. A dialogue between the world of Haute Couture and multifaced French beauties. Going forward, the House wants to keep protecting its heritage and values as it gets ready to write a new chepter in its book."

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1594287864858705 raya martigny 2 1
Raya Martigny
1594287865153691 jean paul paula 2 1
Jean Paul Paula
1594287865405947 jean paul paula 1 1
Jean Paul Paula
1594287865673004 raya martigny sokhna toka cisse 1
Raya Martigny & Sokhna Toko Cisse
1594287865895233 sokhna toka cisse 2 1
Sokhna Toko Cisse
1594287866096047 sokhna toka cisse 1 1
Sokhna Toko Cisse
1594287866323782 crystallmess 1
1594287866561801 taqwa bint ali 1 1
Taqwa Blint Ali
1594287866755339 taqwa bint ali 2 1
Taqwa Bint Ali
1594287866997151 luna harst 1 1
Luna Harst
1594287867264046 luna harst 2 1
Luna Harst
1594287867464175 tanel 1 1
1594287867715045 tanel 2 1
1594287867938827 clemence botino 1 2
Clemence Botino
1594287868193640 clemence botino 2 1
Clemence Botino

Join us in the frenzy of the preparation of our NO-SHOW, guided by a new generation of Gaultier muses bringing back to life the best of the Haute-Couture archives of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Watch the video JEAN PAUL GAULTIER  "The Show Must Go On".

Creative Director: Florence Tétier

Film Director: Nicolas Coulomb

Stylist: Georgia Pendlebury

Hair Stylist: Vi Sapyyapy

Makeup artist: Vanessa Bellini

Manicurist: Kure Bazaar & Majeure prod


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