"Dior Chez Moi": the new home-wear collection by Dior

It's loungewear time: bathrobes, delicate ponchos and pajamas celebrate the art of living at home
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Dior launches its first capsule collection entirely dedicated to lougewear . The new reality we are living in, the new normal in which we have been on-off since last March, has seen the way we live transform. The house is the reflection of those who live there. And so even the clothing we wear at home changes, without having to give in to the idea of being permanently in overalls, Dior imagines a world of "elegant cuddles" because we can stay in pajamas, but with style. What if we also wear pajamas to leave the house? Thanks to the intuition of Maria Grazia Chiuri, the answer is yes. Designed by the Creative Director during the period of imprisonment, the pieces created celebrate the art of living at home without devoting oneself to a modest style or to all sporting costs.

The refined toile de Jouy print , one of the Maison's distinctive codes , adorns pajamas, delicate bathrobes and comfortable ponchos invite you to refinement and sweet life. In addition to the navy stripes, the Dior logo decorates slippers and socks, all in white and blue.

This new line also sees the collaboration of Pietro Ruffo , a Roman artist dear to the Creative Director , has redesigned his emblematic zodiac motifs - a tribute to the superstitious nature of Monsieur Dior - as a map of the world that connects heaven and earth, continents and constellations, flora and fauna.



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