Behind the impeccable taste of Zendaya there is the “image architect”

Law Roach is the style soul mate of the actress
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In honor of Zendaya’s 24th birthday today, we thought it was a good thing to discover the secret behind the breathtaking style she manages to have in every single occasion: from red carpet to street-wear, the American actress has succeeded in the difficult undertaking of becoming a fashion icon despite her start as a Disney girl.

The actress knows which is, or better, who is the reason behind this magical transformation: the “image architect” Law Roach (he trademarked the name ‘image architect’ and doesn’t like being called a ‘stylist’ as it’s reductive of his actual work): he doesn’t just simply choose beautiful couture gowns for celebrities, Roach studies the client, makes researches, constructs a plan for the person’s aura and only after this detailed process, can work with clothes. It’s not a simple match of good pieces together, it’s pure art.


He met Zendaya ten years ago (when she was just 14 years old and had no idea what future held) and since that moment, they become inseparable: he actually calls her his ‘style soul mate’ or his ‘annoying little sister’ (and who can you love more than your annoying little sister?)

Law’s rule he lives by is the simplest yet most liberating ever: “who cares?”

This was the first suggestion he gave to the young Zendaya when, wearing the first ever outfit Roach created for her, was a little unsure and a little too scared of other people’s opinion, “who cares?” was the reaction of the stylist (I mean, imagine architect)

It seems like being confident and enjoying herself more than worrying about the public’s ideas was for the actress' turning point in her fashion’s career: since that “what if…” moment, as they like to call it, Zendaya quickly grabbed headlines for her head-turning looks.

The Euphoria’s star is extremely grateful for Roach’s influence on her style and life, calling him a visionary, teaching her how to not give an “F”, to be proud of what she looks in the mirror, inspiring her to be fearless in all life’s fields.

From this beautiful friendship, a lot of fashion projects have born, such as the Tommy x Zendaya collection and the former shoe line Daya by Zendaya.

Since every look is groundbreaking, we choose ours very favorite (even if it was a hard choice) outfits Z wore during her 10 years collaboration with Roach: from the Joan of Arc look of the 2018 Met Gala by Versace that perfectly encapsulated the ball’s Catholic theme to the astonishing Vera Wang dress inspired by the supervillain Poison Ivy, here’s our selection, how gorgeous the birthday girl looks in every photo?


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