Alessandra Ambrosio launches her brand of beachwear

"It was our dream!", Tells the model about the GAL Floripa, created with Aline Ambrosio and Gisele Cória
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Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio joins her two best friends for a new project that is already desire. GAL Floripa, the new brand of beachwear, is the result of an old dream of Alessandra with her younger sister, Aline Ambrosio , and longtime friend Gisele Cória .


The ex-angel of Victoria Secret was inspired by her hometown of Florianópolis to imagine pieces that work for any woman. The first collection, the Galatic Sun , has swimsuits and bikinis with a 70's vibe.

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(Photos: Press Release)

The name GAL is the combination of the first letters of the names of the three: Gisele + ALessandra + ALine, and a tribute to their lifestyle on the beaches where they grew up.

Alessandra has had experience with a line of beachwear called Ale by Alessandra , but this time the process is different. It shares the design with other partners and the product has 100% Brazilian labor. Cuts, colors and fabrics are thought of in three, valuing comfort and creative shapes. Learn more in the following clicks:

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