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Musician, activist, model. Always in the spotlight for the name she bears and a father who remains a myth and a mystery, the young Californian, at the forefront of the fight against AIDS with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, launches an appeal for Australia
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Musician. Lightworker. Treehugger. Activist. Give peace a chance. So Paris Jackson shares her profile on Instagram. At L'Officiel Italia he describes himself as, «a person with a kind heart, honest, loyal, motivated, passionate, with a positive energy and frequency. I'm also a bit of a geek, with a passion for "Star Wars", "The Lord of the Rings", "Harry Potter" and all the Marvel movies. I would like to be remembered for my commitment - until death - to the environment, animals and human and civil rights. As well as someone who has always struggled to change the system. Power to the people! " Born in Beverly Hills, California, Paris is a free spirit. Independence won after years of fighting against the obsessive intrusion into one's life, given the legacy of one of the most influential families in musical history and in particular of his father Michael Jackson . Her career began as a model, represented by IMG Models, the same as Gisele Bündchen, Hailey Baldwin, Gigi and Bella Hadid , and then expanded to music, television and cinema. «Music is like the air I breathe, it is awareness, it is being able to create something bigger than myself, it is a way to express myself, and to externalize what I feel inside. It's hard to describe these feelings in words, but the first that comes to mind is gratitude, gratitude for having the chance to be a part of this world. I don't know how my songs are born, I just know that I feel the need to release them, and every time it happens it's an act of purification. I love writing rock songs, because that's what I love. But I'm also good at writing sad music, acoustic and folk pieces ». With partner, Gabriel Glenn, he formed the band The Soundflowers. «Before Gabriel, I have never had such a deep collaboration with anyone, our creations are born in a natural way, they develop in an organic way. We are working on our first album, we have a lot of material, I think it could be ready next fall. Meeting Gabriel was a revelation, thanks to him I discovered that I was born a musician, music makes me happy, makes me feel good and therefore I have no choice but to continue playing and singing » .


Among her fashion icons Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin . «I love these alpha women, who have broken various barriers, not only in music, but also in fashion. For me they are legendary, I don't know if there will ever be anyone like them again. I like their style, when I get dressed my priority is comfort, that's why I like the fashion of the 70s, it's comfortable but also stylish » . The choice to be part of the fashion universe is an opportunity for Paris to raise collective awareness against the insecurities that fashion creates. «It's time to fight the unattainable stereotypes created by fashion houses, unfortunately in the world we live in it is practically impossible to feel at ease, especially with the bombardment of the media and social networks. I'm not the only one of my generation to have insecurities, even though I've learned to accept myself as I am. I wish all girls like me would feel beautiful in their own skin. Beauty is subjective, there is no single canon. Beauty is not measured in numbers, shapes, sizes, dimensions or colors. True beauty should be measured by a person's character, integrity, intentions, mindset, or what he says. From how they behave and from their heart. I am human, not a doll, I have my flaws, acne, cellulite, scars. The idea of perfection is ridiculous, because it is just a personal opinion ».


Before becoming a model and a musician, Paris considered pursuing a career in psychiatry. “I've always hated being in the spotlight, but thanks to fashion I thought I would
I was able to expand my platform and instead of helping one patient at a time, I was able to reach thousands of people and spread my messages. I also have to thank the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation for offering me to become an ambassador and for giving me the opportunity to be on the ground helping sick people. Elizabeth was a very good friend of my father, she was my godmother. I learned a lot from her, to have respect for people and to love animals. What is happening in Australia with the fires breaks my heart, the loss of millions of defenseless creatures is devastating, unfortunately it is not only the animals that are suffering, there are also missing people. If you can donate, there are various organizations to contribute to, such as NSW Rural Fire Service, Country Fire Authority, The Salvation Army Australia, WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organization and WWF-Australia that need our help. The important thing is to spread the word, from there we can begin to act ».


In her future also a role as an actress in “The Space Betweenˮ, directed by Rachel Winter , producer of“ Dallas Buyers Clubˮ. “It's a movie about the 90's rock & roll scene in Los Angeles. A lot of my inspirations to change the world come from movie references and the Beatles. The first song that changed my life and I will never forget is “In my lifeˮ, beautiful music and lyrics, they also played it at the Kurt Cobain memorial. And then in my Top list of all time I also add Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Future Islands, and Manchester Orchestra. Fortunately the new generation is growing up and tired of suffering, it demands change and honesty from the government. We are tired of lies and unrealistic expectations in politics. The racists, the homophobes, the sexists, will lose against the strength and determination of people with an open mind, not blocked by stupidity and racism ».

Photo Alan Gelati
Text Roberto Croci
Styling Deborah Ferguson
Hair stylist Peter Savic @ No-Name Management
Make up artist Francesca Tolot @Cloutier Remix
Barbara Warner manicure using Chanel Le Vernis in Pirate
Creative direction Priscilla De Giorgi

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