Can we compile sportswear and Couture?

Doubt is not allowed at Atelier Uptobe.
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While the mass was said in the field of outerwear stricto sensu , the Italian label Uptobe goes further by launching "Atelier Uptobe", a kind of laboratory line where sports enter into dialogue with the couture. The red thread of this first collection, named on September 20th during the Milan fashion week, and put online in stride? Neoprene, jewel of the outerwear, which gains in sculpturality on a coat-dress with very sixties trumpet sleeves and collar, a more classic overcoat with a ruffled neckline and a passion red blouse of the same style. Worn by the influenencers such as Sofie Valkiers , Cloudy Zakrocki , Ilenia Toma , Sara Nicole Rossetto and Kim Hnizdo and already available on the e-commerce Atelier Uptobe, the whole comes to life in front of street-styler Adam Katz , broken to the famous duality bourgeois-street that shakes the fashion world since several seasons.


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