Adidas X Ivy Park: Thıs Is My Park

adidas and Beyoncé continue to fold with their new adidas X Ivy Park collection.
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The adidas and Beyoncé duo most recently came up with a special design by Beyoncé for the superstar, the iconic sneaker model for adidas' 50th anniversary. Their next move was the second collection of the adidas x IVY PARK collaboration. From the moment the first collection was put on sale, it was met with great interest and the collection was sold out within hours. After this interest, the new collection was inevitable. Beyoncé and adidas this time emphasized inclusiveness, and prepared a brand new collection for us. This new collection is “What are your bad features? What drives you? What are you dreaming of? What is your motivation? " He poses his questions and points out our own "park" as an answer. You can discover your own "park" with this new collection. Dream or reality doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is an area where we feel happy, free and safe.

We are alone with a collection that does not judge us, such that the size range in the collection is in the range of "XXXS-4X". Designs that will embrace people of all body types with a wide range of colors have a vibrant and energetic color palette consisting of coral, yellow tones, dark green and green tones. One of the main points is to bring an innovative perspective to traditional performance wear. Another highlight of the collection is to inspire everyone that beauty is more than physical appearance. The adidas X Ivy Park collection, which is expected to be sold out within hours, as in the first collection, will be available on October 30. Are you ready to explore your "park"?


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